The JavaScript Maven Tools improved by SOFTEC sa, aims to provide Javascript developpers with equivalent tools to those found for Java in Maven. It brings to Javascript the whole benefits of Maven dependency and build management and to Maven the specific tools required for Javascript development.

Throught the use of new packaging types and lifecycles, it allow building standalone pure JavaScript librairies, part of JEE web applications, and Appcelerator™ Titanium applications for Android and iOS. It promote best development practices with standardized project organization, so that developers can be quickly productive on existing projects and take advantage of modular developement similar to the scheme followed in Java.

Until now, there is no real consensus on how to manage a JavaScript project. We really hope to provide tools that will help existing users of Maven to find a new way to manage their JavaScript projet, either integrated in a larger Java web application or as standalone well modularized libraries.


JavaScript Maven Tools is architectured around two plugins and two extensions:

  • JavaScript Maven Plugin is a multi-purpose build manager for Javascript projects. It brings two new packaging types javascript and titanium to build standalone JavaScript libraries and Titanium Appcelerator™ applications. It also integrate in war projects for integration in web applications. It allows unit and functional testing using the traditional JsUnit framework or the more adapted Jasmine behavior-driven testing framework.
  • JavaScript Report Maven Plugin is a reporting plugin for JavaScript documentation and quality assurance. It brings the power of JSDoc and JSLint to maven.
  • JavaScript Compressors provide to the above plugin a common interface to existing JavaScript minifiers, and allowing upcomming one to be easily integrated. It currently support Douglas Crockford's JSMin, Dojo Shrinksafe and YahooUI compression engines.
  • JavaScript Maven Archive bring a new archive format to support JavaScript archives in Maven repositories. It allows Maven dependency management to be used for JavaScript dependencies in the same way it is used for Java.

Getting started

To be upto speed in no time, based on your existing Maven knowledge, your need to read the JavaScript Maven Plugin page.

Credits to forked and related projects

This project is a fork of the original project hosted at codehaus which seems to be abandoned since a while, and has never reach a release version. We introduce some major improvements, and in particular support for Jasmine test, based on the Jasmine Maven Plugin, and support of Appcelerator™ Titanium command line builders.


Javascript-Maven-Tools improved by SOFTEC sa is license under the Apache License, Version 2.0. If you need another license, please contact us with an description of your expected usage, and we will propose you an appropriate agreement on a case by case basis.